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Showing posts from September, 2017

Salted Egg Nutty Mooncake ~ 咸蛋五仁什錦月餅 ~ 2017

Salted egg yolks have been added into traditional lotus paste mooncakes, for both baked and snowskin mooncakes.   So I believe that the salted egg yolks can be added to nutty mooncakes as well.  They do enhance the flavour of these nutty mooncakes and if you're a fan of salted egg yolks, you'll love these.

Salted Egg Nutty Mooncake ~  咸蛋五仁什錦月餅

Ingredients for Dough
150 gm superfine flour90 ml golden syrup38 ml vegetable oil2 gm alkaline waterEgg glaze - 1 whole egg, beaten and strainIngredients for Filling 30 gm wlanuts, toasted and chopped30 gm whole almonds with skin, toasted and chopped19 gm pumpkin kernels, toasted38 gm kat paeng/candied lemon, chopped75 gm dried winter melon, chopped38 gm sesame seeds, toasted30 gm caster sugar60 gm kao fun2.1/4 Thsp vegetable oil2.1/4 Tbsp water3/4 Tbsp rose concentrate3/8 Tbsp golden syrup1.1/4 Tbsp Brandy (optional)1/8 tsp salt3 kaffir leaves, shredded3 salted egg yolksMethod for egg yolks Lightly wash the whites from the egg yolks. Roll y…

Longan and lotus paste mooncake ~ 龙眼莲蓉月饼 2017

The Mid-Autumn, Lantern, or Mooncake Festival comes once a year and this year it falls on 4th October, 2017.  There are various flavours of mooncakes nowadays and today  I'm sharing with you, a simple Longan and Lotus paste mooncake.

Longan and lotus paste moncake  ~   龙眼莲蓉月饼  2017
150 gm superfine flour90 ml golden syrup38 ml vegetable oil2 gm alkaline waterEgg glaze - 1 whole egg, beaten and strainFilling 300 gm lotus paste (store bought)15 gm dried longan (snipped to smaller pieces)Method Use a  handwhisk to mix the golden syrup, oil and alkaline water till no oil surfaces.  Sift in the superfine flour.  Mix lightly to form a dough.  Cover and let rest for a few hours till it doesn't stick to the hands.  (I let it rest for 4 hours).Scale dough to 25 gm each, roll into a ballMix the snipped longan with the lotus paste.  Scale filling to 27 gm each.Flatten the piece of dough with a rolling pin, wrap a ball of filling inside, roll into a ball.Press the ball of dough in…

Kaffir lime and orange Bundt cake ~ 酸橙和橙子蛋糕

Indeed, Mrs' Ng's butter cake recipe is very versatile, one can tweak it and the result is  still a very moist, soft and fine textured cake.  What I am sharing with you today is a Kaffir lime and orange butter cake, baked in a 4 cup Bundt pan.   I substituted milk with juice from home grown Kaffir lime and orange juice and added in zest as well.

Kaffir lime and orange Bundt cake ~  酸橙和橙子蛋糕
Ingredients (A)
230 gm unsalted butter4 egg yolks150 gm caster sugar200 gm self-raising flour60 ml orange and lime juicea pinch of salt (B) 4 egg whites50 gm caster sugarMethod Sift the self-raising flour with salt, set aside.Using a hand-held beater, cream butter and sugar till thick, pale and fluffy.Add in the egg yolks, beat on low speed till well combined.Sift in the sifted flour in 3 batches, beat on low speed, alternating with the orange and lime juice, till well incorporated, set aside.In a clean bowl, beat egg whites till frothy, then gradually add in the sugar, continue beating till sti…

Vietnamese Banh Hoi

These woven intricate bundles of rice vermicelli called Banh Hoi resemble our local 'string hoppers' or 'putu mayam', a South Indian snack of steamed rice flour noodles and eaten with a sweetened topping of grated coconut and palm sugar (gula melaka).   Vietnamese Banh Hoi can be rolled and served with a variety of meat and in my case I served them with pan-fried chicken, sauteed spring onions, salad and a dipping sauce.

Vietnamese Banh Hoi
Ingredients200 gm chicken breast8 pieces of dried Banh Hoi, prepared according to their instructions @ the back of the packetSpring onions, romaine lettuce, coriander and basil leavesDipping sauce3 tsp sugarlime juice from 6 calamansi1 tsp fish sauce2 tsp peanut butter dissolved with 1 Tbsp hot waterChilli padi/bird eye chilliesMethod Season the chicken breast with some salt, sugar, light and dark soya sauce.Heat up some oil and pan fry chicken till cooked.Sautee chopped spring onions with oil.Serve Banh Hoi with salad, sauteed spring…

Orange cupcake ~ 香橙纸杯蛋糕

I spotted these cute Bageforme baking cups on my recent holiday and bought them without much hesitation.  Bageforme is Danish for bakeware.  A box of 12 costs two Euro.  Coming back to the cupcakes.  These orange zesty cupcakes are  soft and moist and to me they taste a bit like sponge cake.   I dressed some up with  butter icing and if you are not a fan of buttery icing, they are also delicious, even eaten on its own.

Orange Cupcake ~ 香橙纸杯蛋糕

90 gm plain flour3/4 tsp baking powder1/8 tsp salt1 'L' egg55 gm caster sugar85 gm butter, melted1 tsp orange zest1/2 tsp vanilla1/4 cup milkFrosting
80 gm butter 123 gm icing sugar, siftedMethod
Sift flour with baking powder and salt. Set aside.With a handheld whisk, on medium speed, beat egg with sugar till fluffy, pale and thick.Reduce speed, add in melted butter, zest and vanilla.Sift in the flour again alternating with milk ,whisk on low till just combined.  You can also opt to mix in by hand.  (Do not overmix).Divide batte…