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Mini lime marmalade chiffon cake

These little chiffon cupcakes were made with lime marmalade.  Other than orange marmalade I've never come across lime marmalade and so this went into my shopping basket when I was in Perth last.  It's slightly more sour than orange marmalade but it's delicious when you have it with butter or peanut butter slathered on a slice of freshly baked bread or toast!

Guinness Braised Spare Ribs

More often than not this dish is served by either deepfrying the marinated spare ribs, grilling or barbecueing  them in your patio.  I prepared mine differently.  Marinated them with Oriental sauces  and chose an easy way out by cooking them in a pot, fuss-free!

Guinness Beer Bread

G uinness stout beer bread .....My first attempt at baking with Guinness stout.  This is a no- yeast bread, very simple and quick to prepare.  It also saves a lot of time as being without yeast, there's no necessity for the dough to prove.  I made this all within 1.15 hrs.