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Green tea ping pei (snow skin) mooncake ~ 2012

G reen tea ping  pei aka snow skin moon cake is my favourite among the wide range of ping pei mooncakes available in the market.  I'm glad that I still managed to squeeze in some time to make this.  Home made ones are always the best and the most economical.

Traditional Mooncakes ~ 2012

This year I tried to make mooncakes with salted egg yolks as frankly I like to have my mooncakes with only a single egg yolk.  I find that the salty taste of the egg yolk blends very well with the sweet lotus pandan paste.  They sort of complement each other ...

Lunch at Shokudo and dinner at Roy's

Here are more pictures of the lunch and dinner we had on our second day at Honolulu.  Yes, more food to whet your palate.  Weather was fine, more or less like in Malaysia and not so humid but cool in the evening and can be chilly in the wee hours of the morning.  Lunch was at   Shokudo  Japanese restaurant and I like the ambience there.  As we were quite early, there wasn't a big crowd but we had made a prior booking for a table.

Diamond Head

This is a picture of Diamond Head, and does the name ring a bell to anyone? Diamond Head is the most famous volcanic crater in the world and is located on the south-east coast of O'ahu at the end of Waikiki overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Yes, I went to Hawaii and it was one of the most fabulous holiday that I ever had. Really had a fantastic time there, eating - savouring all the different types of food , fusion, Japanese, Korean, western, Thai, Vietnamese and last but not least their Hawaiian local food. Sight seeing - exploring Maui island and Haleakala, submarine dive. lavender farm and shopping at the Waikele Premium Outlets and Ala Moana shopping mall in Honolulu, the largest in Hawaii. This is my 2nd visit to Hawaii and the first was way back in 2007 and at that time I had not started blogging yet. So this time around I jumped on every opportunity to take as many pictures as I can to share with you, especially the food, glorious food .......

Braised pork knuckle with mustard cabbage

Hi folks, I'm back from a most enjoyable vacation but as I need time to sort out the pictures taken during my holiday, I'll slot in this porky dish which I cooked before my trip. Braised pork knucke with mustard cabbage or 'Gai choy chee sou' is a dish which I've tasted in one of the Chinese restaurants during the Chinese New Year and immediately fell in love with it. 'Gai choy' or mustard cabbage is an Asian vegetable, generally pickled, braised or used in soups and has a strong bitter taste.   I tried to replicate this dish at home and it was well received by my family members.