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Steamed Pumpkin Glutinous Rice ~ 蒸南瓜糯米饭

I have seen winter melon double boiled soup and I was surfing the internet looking for recipes to experiment with.  Steaming food in a pumpkin to use it as a serving bowl looks interesting and since I have some glutinous rice, why not let it mingle with pumpkin and see how it would turn out.  It's quite a straight forward dish, just like serving rice in a steamed pumpkin rather than on a plate and I do like the presentation.

Steamed Pumpkin Glutinous Rice   ~    蒸南瓜糯米饭   

1 kg Japanese pumpkin180 gm glutinous rice (washed, soaked overnight)80 gm pork, diced10 gm dried shrimps3 Shitake mushrooms, hydrated, stemmed and diced1 tsp oyster sauce2 tsp light soy sauce1/2 tsp dark soy sauce1 tsp chopped garlic1 tsp sesame oilSalt to tasteMethod
Wash the pumpkin, place on a plate and steam on medium heat for about 15 mins. to soften.  Then carefully cut a lid opening about 8 cm diameter around the stem with a sharp knife.  Keep the lid aside for presentation.Scoop out the pumpkin …

Sakura Chiffon Cake ~樱花戚风蛋糕

I adapted the recipe for this Sakura Chiffon Cake from my previous Coffee Chiffon with Cocoa layering  but tweaked it a bit by adding Cointreau and orange zest and placing the Sakura flowers at the base of the chiffon pan.  This chiffon cake is soft and moist with a subtle taste of Cointreau and a nice fragrance of orange.

Sakura Chiffon Cake  ~樱花戚风蛋糕 (adapted from 'here')
Ingredients (A)
70 gm plain flour5 large egg yolks20 gm caster sugar60 ml water2 tsp Cointreau70 ml vegetable oil1.1/2 tsp orange zest8 to 10 pickled Sakura flowers(B) 5 large egg whites80 gm caster sugar  )  Mix well10 gm cornflour      )   Method Rinse the pickled Sakura flowers to remove the salt and soak them for about 45 to 60 mins.  Gently pat dry the flowers with kitchen paper.  Line the flowers on the base of an ungreased 23 cm chiffon cake pan.Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar, add in the oil, water, Cointreau and orange zest, mix well.Sieve in the plain flour and mix till well incorporated.In a clean …