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Blue Pea Flower Marble Chiffon Cake ~蓝花戚风蛋糕

The Blue Pea flower is highly valued in Ayurvedic medicine as a memory enhancer, antistress and tranquilizing agent.  In Malay it is called 'Bunga Telang' and its petals are very versatile as it's a great source of natural blue colour food dye.  Initially when I boiled the blue pea petals the colour was a dark blue but after baking, the colour changed to a slightly aquamarine bluish green.  Nonetheless this is a soft and moist chiffon and it's best served with a cup of Blue pea flower tea.

Blue Pea Flower Marble Chiffon Cake ~蓝花戚风蛋糕 Ingredients (A)
6 large egg yolks75 ml canola oil75 ml milk (I used soy milk)50 gm caster sugar90 gm plain flour15 gm cornflour30 petals of blue pea flower + 100 ml water(B) 6 large egg whites45 gm caster sugarMethod Boil the blue pea flower in 100 ml of hot water, strain out 30 ml juice, set aside to cool.Sift the plain flour, set aside.Whisk egg yolks with sugar, add in oil and milk to combine well.Sift in the flour again and fold into the yo…