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Soft milk loaf ~ 軟奶麵包

This cotton Soft Milk Loaf is a light white bread with milk which is soft, fluffy and it's perfect for toasts or sandwiches.  The soft texture is stretchy and can be easily pulled apart with your hands.  Slice up any leftovers and freeze them, then just heat them up in the oven toaster or microwave for a few seconds for breakfast or tea.  I tried making french toasts with them and they were yummy.        Soft milk loaf  ~   軟奶麵包     Ingredients 400 gm high protein flour 1.5 tsp salt 3 Tbs sugar 3 Tbsp milk powder 1.5 tsp yeast 1 egg about 50 gm 180 gm water 40 gm soft butter Egg wash to glaze Method Pour flour into a mixing bowl, add in milk powder, sugar, salt, mix well with a ball whisk. Add yeast, mix well.  Add in the beaten egg and water. Attach the dough hook and beat till a ball of dough forms. Add in soft butter, continue beating for about 10 mins. or more.  Take out some dough and do the window pane test.  Stretch the dough into a thin layer and if it doesn't break, me