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Yoghurt Apple Cake ~ 酸奶苹果蛋糕

Loaded with freshly sliced apples, this yoghurt apple cake is moist and slightly sweet.   Before serving I added a sprinkling of powdered sugar on top, which is the 'icing on the cake'!

Yoghurt Apple Cake ~   酸奶苹果蛋糕
Ingredients (A)

4 'L' egg yolks13 gm caster sugar20 ml vegetable oil54 gm plain yoghurt67 gm plain flour(B) 4 egg whites27 gm caster sugar2 apples, cored and sliced without skinMethod Sift the plain flour, set aside.Beat egg yolks with sugar, add in oil and yoghurt.  Mix well.Beat egg whites till frothy, gradually add in sugar and beat till stiff peaks, but not dry.Fold 1/3 egg whites into the egg yolk mixture, then pour this into the remaining egg whites, mix in well.Pour the batter into an ungreased 8 inch springform pan, tap the pan to remove air  bubbles.Place and arrange the apple slices onto the cake.Bake in a preheated oven @ 180 deg.C for 50 to 55 mins. till golden brown and test with a skewer till it comes out clean.Immediately invert the cake supporte…