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Meat Floss Butter Roll ~ 肉松黄油面包卷


This Meat Floss Butter Roll is soft, chewy with a little bit of sweetness and has a buttery flavour.  As I have some meat floss at hand, I added it in to make the roll more yummy.  The roll does taste good on its own too.  Although bread making is very time consuming, but there's a difference between homemade and store bought ones and believe me homemade ones are definitely much better.  I did share before a Meat Floss Ring recipe using the tangzhong method.  You can stop by 'here' to have a look.

Meat Floss Butter Roll  ~ 肉松黄油面包卷 


  • 30 gm egg (beaten)
  • 120 gm ice water
  • 25 gm sugar
  • 3 gm dry yeast
  • 250 gm high protein flour
  • 3 gm salt
  • 15 gm milk powder
  • 25 gm unsalted soft butter
  • 10 gm or more beaten egg for glaze later
  • Meat floss as filling (optional)
  • Sea salt flakes or white sesame seeds (optional)
  1. Pour 30 gm beaten egg into the mixing bowl of a stand mixer.  Add in ice water, sugar and yeast.  
  2. Add in high protein flour, salt and milk powder.  Attach a dough hook mix and knead for about 3 mins. till a dough forms.  Cover with a damp cloth and let rest for 15 mins.
  3. Add in the unsalted butter, and slowly knead on low speed, till the butter is well combined, then on high speed till the dough is smooth, about 15 mins.  Can perform a window pane test.  Cover the dough with a damp cloth and let proof for about 45 to 60 mins. till double in size.
  4. To test whether the dough is proved enough, dip a finger into the dough and when there's an indentation, the dough is good enough to shape.
  5. Place dough on a pastry mat, press the dough to expel air and shape into a ball.  Divide the dough into 6 portions, approximately 75 gm each.  Then take out a ball of dough, flatten it fold the edges inwards to form a ball and roll it to get a smooth surface.  Repeat for the other balls of dough.
  6. For the next step of shaping, flatten out the dough into an oval shape, fold both sides inwards to make one end big and the other small, pinch the seams, turn over and roll to form a 'water drop' shape. Repeat.
  7. Cover and let rest for 15 mins.
  8. Take a ball of dough, flatten it and use a rolling pin to roll out the fat end, then pull the thin end dough with your hand and with the rolling pin, roll thinly into an elongated shape.
  9. Put in some meat floss at the wide end, and roll up the dough, can add in more meat floss as you roll.  Repeat.  Cover the dough and let it prove till 1.5 times the size, about 30 to 45 mins.
  10. Apply egg glaze, sprinkle on some seasalt flakes.
  11. Bake in a preheated oven at 200 deg.C for about 13 mins. till golden brown.
  12. Yield :  6 meat floss butter rolls.
Note :  Do visit DawnKee Cooking ~ 'Super fluffy & Soft Butter Roll', on youtube for the steps in shaping the butter rolls.


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