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Herbal Jelly ~ Gui Ling Gao

Herbal Jelly ~ Gui Ling Gao literally translated means 'Tortoise Jelly' is one of my family's favourite desserts.  It's much more economical to prepare this at home for you'll need to fork out between Rm 9 to Rm 11 for a bowl of this cooling dessert in any of those herbal tea outlets.  This soothing jelly, served chilled, is supposed to be able to help reduce our body heat, helps to get rid of toxins and is believed to be good for the skin thus culminating a healthier complexion.


Making this herbal jelly is a breeze.  Just follow the instructions on the reverse side of the packet but I tweaked it a bit as I find the jelly a bit too thick for my liking.  You may also choose to omit the sugar altogether and serve the bland, slightly bitter or what the Cantonese refer to  as 'kum'  taste jelly with some honey.

Recipe for Gui Ling Gao

  • 1 packet of Gui ling gao powder (50 gm)
  • 250 ml water to mix with the above powder
  • 1.5 litre water   (instruction says 1 litre)
  • 250 gm cane/rock sugar or more if so desired  (instruction says 150 gm)
1.  Boil the water with the cane sugar till sugar has dissolved.

2.  Meanwhile, mix the 50 gm of Gui Ling Gao powder with the 250 ml water thoroughly till well blended

3.  Once the syrup is boiling, lower heat and mix in the powder mixture, keep stirring for about 10 mins.  The mixture will start to thicken.

4.  Sieve the mixture  and pour into serving bowls.  Discard any lumps.

5.  Once cooled, keep chilled in the refrigerator before serving

I'm sbumitting this post to  Weekend Herb Blogging #300 hosted by 
Graziana from   Erbe in Cucina


  1. Dear Cheah

    May I which Eu Yan Sang medical did you buy from. Thank you.


    1. I bought it from the Eu Yan Sang outlet in Aeon, Kinta City, Ipoh.

  2. Love how you make your gui ling gao. It is cooling dessert for a hot day. There is no packet of Gui ling gao powder in Singapore. :S

    1. Really? How about in S'pore Eu Yan Sang? As a last resort get it from JB.

  3. I used to eat this very often but now, I actually can't recall that when was the last time I had that!

  4. I have not seen this before. Sounds very delicious and gd for health. I will look out for this when I go back again. Like jelly....mmmm.

  5. Wow! This looks very cooling, I want some now as I have an ulcer in my mouth!

  6. I didn't know about this jelly, thank you for joining WHB!

  7. Replies
    1. Really, must be expensive. Better to DIY and get more value for money.

  8. Thanks for sharing the source. I love this dessert.

    1. You're most welcome. Much more economical to DIY.

  9. looks delicious! One of my favorite desserts also!

    1. Welcome to my blog. Hope to see you more often!

  10. i just bought a pack of gui ling gao at EYS and follow the instruction
    but after i make it the jelly is too soft why?


    1. You followed the EYS instruction or mine? I find that the EYS instruction, the jelly was too firm so I added half a litre of water i.e. 500 ml. If you had followed my instruction, it could be that you didn't cook the mixture long enough. Hope this helps!

    2. i followed the EYS instruction.
      next time i will follow your instruction. thank you



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