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Sweet Potato Rice

It's one of those evenings when I'm too lazy to crack my brain over what to cook for dinner and to make life more relaxing, I whipped up this one-dish meal.  It has carbohydrates, protein and adding sweet potatoes to our diet is beneficial too for these tubers contain Vitamins B6, C and D and also have a fair amount of potassium and calcium.

Recipe for Sweet Potato Rice


    • 400 gm Japanese sweet potatoes
    • 100 gm pork fillet
    • 20 gm dried shrimps
    • 2/3 cups rice  
    • sesame oil
    • Fried shallots and chopped spring onions for garnishing
    • 1/2 tsp each of sugar, light soya sauce, salt
    • 1  tsp oyster sauce
    1. Season the meat for about an hour, set aside.
    2. Peel and cut the sweet potatoes into cubes.
    3. In a wok, shallow fry the dried shrimps, add in the marinated meat followed by the sweet potatoes.  Give the mixture a few stirs, turn off heat.
    4. Wash the rice and place in the rice cooker with less water than normal.
    5. When the rice is cooking half-way add in the sweet potato mixture and let it continue till done.
    6. Fluff up the rice, test for taste, drizzle on some sesame oil.
    7. Serve in bowls, garnish with fried shallots, spring onions and a dash of pepper.


  1. Hi Cheah,
    I like this type of one dish meal too. YOurs looks colourful and yum!!
    We cooked this type of one dish meal too in some lazy
    we add pumpkins cubes!

  2. Cheah, its my lunch time - can you please share a bowl of the colorful rice with me. This is something interesting - my mom loves to cook sweet potate porrige but new knew can be used to cook rice. Book-marking it....

    1. Since your mum likes sweet potato porridge, she'll like it with rice too! Give it a try, Chris!

  3. Cheah, I love sweet potato and I must cook this for my family too. Looks very delicious!

  4. Hi Cheah, this is a better version compared to olden days. My late Pa used to tell us that he had sweet potatoes as a meal when there was no rice left. This looks very appetising and I wouldn't mind eating it.

    1. Yes, during the Japanese Occupation. My parents told me that too.

  5. A delicious way of using sweet potatoes! This one-dish meal would certainly be welcome with smiles at my house!

    1. Yes, since I've cooked yam rice before so I thought sweet potatoes would also be good.

  6. Looks soooo yummy! Lovely and colorful :)

  7. A very satisfying and delicious meal, Cheah.

    1. Thank you Angie. I'm game for anything simple and straightforward!

  8. This is what we used to eat when we were young. It's cheap and healthy as we planted our own sweet potatoes, very organic. I'm not to sure whether my family will eat this if I cook it. I think I can already hear, 'Eeeewwwww!'.....haha

    1. Yes, healthy tubers! I add them into white porridge sometimes.

  9. There has been alot of Japanese sweet potatoes flooding the supermarkets lately and I've been thinking of what else I can make besides the usual paus and all. This is a fantastic idea! one-pot m eals are always my fave!

  10. I love that this is one-pot, simple, homely, yet so yummy and healthy at once. A great fish for a weekday lunch or even any time of the week, really! Rice is my comfort food hee hee.

  11. oh, only tried yam and long bean rice before..delighted to see your sweet potato rice colourful too!

    1. Thank you, Lena. Sweet potato rice is also tasty, try it!


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